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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  February 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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want to go join isis, and plotting against the us. the ties they have to our area. >> and, a thief in upper darby leaves a lot of evidence behind for police. what happened, oops, when he tried to get away. >> good day everybody, it is thursday february 26th 2015. >> let's get your weather right now because sue the radar very active right now. >> sure is. storm moving in, just as predicted, from south to north, and we're starting to see some light snow move in, also, in the case of the jersey shore we just got tweet that there is some light freezing rain in wildwood this morning. so let's go a little closer, and show you pretty light precipitation, but it is changing over to snow down in sussex county, in delaware, then we move to the north t looks like we might be starting to see some snowflakes in new castle county delaware, at lancaster county, as well. of course take closer look at radar in a bit. we give you no, not a seven, it will be about a five today or a four, depending on where
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you live. but we break it down. snow during the morning rush for most of us, this morning if you're north and west of the city, you may or may not see any snow. but the heaviest will be south and east, southern storm. the snow tapers off by the middle of the day. and several inches possible when all is said and done. prediction accumulations all coming up for you in just a few minute. let's see if the roads are being affected, and here's bob kelly. good morning. >> good morning 5:01, live look delaware exactly where you showed us on the radar. sigh the flakes, and of course that light dusting starting to form on the road surface here. this again, this is down in delaware, good morning to wildwood wildwood days, certainly starting to see the flakes fall in south jersey so again the roads have been treated, it is the secondary roads, the side streets what is going to be a concern is the ice that's still there in the neighborhoods or maybe the streets that were never plowed from the last storm once we get that coating on
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top running late on the burlington bristol out the front door, probably stuck in a bridge opening delay. otherwise good shape no problems on 95, looking good, on the schuylkill. coming in from chester county, no flakes here, again sue mentioned, it is a south and eastern storm. so, south jersey, and delaware the further south and east you go, the road and driving conditions are going to change through the rush hour. chris, lauren, back to you. >> stay with the snow right now. >> jenny joyce live in vineland maybe jennifer joyce, or are you somewhere else? >> a a lot more snow on the gown, actually see flurries, coming into this area. just beginning to fall here in vineland, and other than that we're still waiting for the majority of the system to
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move n just very beginning. well vineland, in particular, is an area that we're focused on, in another recent storm people have complains that side streets were over looked, not plowed. not salted. well the public works department defended itself saying it does lay salt, its first priority main roads then they make their way to the back roads we'll watch and see, depending how the system develops, how much snow vineland and the millville area could get. we'll keep an eye on the clean up process following this storm. so, the storm has gun to move into this area. again, just live look, you see the flurries, so nothing really impacted at this time. but we will be out here, keep you posted on the storm back to you guys, chris lauren. >> thank you producer justine said it is snowing in ocean city. might see flaw soon. >> and talking about the werth. remember that said, you can get the latest on our website we have to turn to serious story, lauren? yes, violent night in philadelphia. police investigating a series of shootings in just short
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time frame. >> so, some that far violence result in the death. fox 29's steve keeley, at police headquarters with the latest, good morning. >> the latest death become official 62 minutes ago second, 23 year old shot in grays ferry pronounced dead dead at 4:02 a.m. to the tape of the scene. very very violent scene two 23 year olds on the street outside in this cold, one of them coincidentally had a gun himself. he had a gun in his pocket. never got it out. somebody he knew, with somebody by faster draw faster gun semiautomatic gun who got nine shots off here's inspector scott mall. >> eleven spent shell casings on the highway the window
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driver window down ... >> all right now if we have video, let's got second murder scene. >> this one happened just before midnight. this is 34 year old woman on the other side of town, in north philadelphia. she's in a town car. she is shot at 11 times the windows are blown out. she gets hit in the arm. the bullet goes through her arm, out of her arm and into her chest. that was the fatal wounds that she crashed into three parked cars again attempt number two with inspector scott small. >> based on balistic evidence on the scene, we know at least 11 shots were fired from large caliber semiautomatic weapon. we found 11 spent shell casings on the highway. the window to the driver door was down. however, the rear driver door window is broken out. unknown if it was broken out from gunfire or in some other manner. >> all right now, if there is
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any good news in this violent two and a half hours, it is the shooting inbetween the two fatal ones where the guy was grazed in the head here on gire avenue. this southwest philadelphia, two men with guns tried to carjack him he took off. also, like that woman who was killed he drove off his windows are shot out but the bullets just missed him. and a graze wounds in the head just tells you it was a matter of inches, or we would have four murders in this town, in two and a half hours. three murders, very bad enough. so homicide, very busy here, because they have no idea yet who did any of these things. >> what a night. all right steve thank you. 5:06 the time. >> three men accused of plotting to travel to syria to join isis are being held without bail this morning. >> and, they have ties to our area, two of the suspect arrested in new york yesterday, one getting ready to board a plane at jfk airport, another at a home in brooklyn. a third man was taken into custody in florida. and an attorney for one of the new york suspect says the feds are moving too quickly.
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>> there is no attempt by the government to understanded. there is just an attempt by the government to prosecute to charge and to employ the most -- the most severe aspect of the criminal justice system to deal with them. >> well, evidently the fbi had been listening in to the suspects for quite some time. in fact, several agents say two of the three suspect have ties to our area, they say one rents kiosk at malls in the philadelphia area, one an employee. how much, officials not said which malls. >> a fire rips through a bucks county business there is happened last night in home ville, at receipts and lincoln avenue. owner of the commercial building tells fox the fire was sparked by repair work in one of the shops being rented in the building. there were no injuries. and, new information this morning, about the death of the wife of cooper health system ceo john sheridan. the new jersey attorney general office announcing joyce sheridan died of stab wounds. firefighters found joyce and john unresponsive after a fire in their home last september.
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no details have been released yet about who may have stabbed her. the cause of death for john, still unknown. and, an investigators say gas main leak caused the house to explode earlier this week in stafford township new jersey. they say the home was filled with a dangerous amount of gas and a flame in the utility room ignited that huge explosion caught thereon dash cam video. more than dozen people were hurt including gas utility employee. he is still in the hospital in critical condition. the pennsylvania house of representatives will vote today on bill to privatize state run wine and liquor stores. the proposal calls for closing most of the state's 600 stores and selling nearly 1200 licenses to retail stores, pennsylvania governor tom wolf, however, says he will veto that bill. >> arguments will be heard today in pair every lawsuits concern a pennsylvania law prisoners say violates their free speech rights. abeam an abu-jamal one of the plaintiffs here. he is serving life sentence
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for killing a philadelphia police officer. now, the law allows vick it is of violent crimes to take legal action against defenders if their behavior further contributes to the victim's pain and it was passed in october, after a pre-record recalled speech by abu-jamal was played during a vermont college graduation. >> a rally in harrisburg today for education. the philly coalition advocating for public schools will board buses for the state capitol later this morning. the group intends to meet with legislators, after their events. they want pennsylvania governor tom wolf to increase funding for schools. wolf delivers his first budget address next tuesday by the way. >> the school bus aid in millville, new jersey faces charges she actually stole from pre-schoolers. >> what? >> rosa charged with slicing lunches and lunch money from nearly 30 children at the family child center, surveillance video from the shepherd bus service shows rios going into several student back packs. the allegations are shock to go some parents.
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>> lady stayed to herself, you know never bothers anybody. so i don't know what happened these past couple of of months. >> i guess some people feel desperate, you know, and they have no other options, you know, but there are options out there. >> rearose fired from the bus company. now being held at the cumberland county jail. >> so talk about bad karma, a thief falls flat on the ice after breaking into a home in upper darby. you got to see this video. in fact, it is surveillance video. shows one of the two burglars slipping on the aisles, this is 400 block every gun dale road monday. one or both cut themselves gaining entry leaving a trail of blood inside that home. the owner returned to find the damage, and realized the pair even drank his beer while ransacking his home. the victim spoke only to fox 29. >> some old clothes, one old tv and few things, i don't know. they got tools. >> one of the two took a head
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ever, the way they're walking it, looks like a female, but maybe they're limping, because of the fall. but hoping that somebody can take a look at the video and help us identify these individuals. >> i hope they catch him. so at least we are not somebody else to the same. >> careful criminal. >> you can steel my jewelry you can even bleed on my carpet, but don't touch my beer. police hoping dna tests on the blood left behind will lead to these guys. oh ya, chitwood also tells us a house across the street was burglarized that same night. no word yet if they stole any of guy's brew at the other house. >> last week i told but retired teacher in new jersey who was arrested for having an antique gun in his car well, this morning we now know the cumberland county prosecute verse dropped those charges against the guy. >> that's good news for 72 year old gordan van gilbert arrested in november for violating a new jersey statute a state lawmaker plans to introduce a bill, that would exempt antique firearms from the state's gun law she says, this exemption would put new
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jersey in line with a similar federal law. and you remember, when we first reported the story, so many people said he was my teacher. i had him. he is a great guy. >> yes, and that gun had been -- hadn't been fired for decades, you know? coming up: one day away from possible shutdown of the homeland security department. but, there is some hope this morning, that law make letters come to an agreement. we'll catch you up on that. >> plus, new hampshire man survives being burried under snow. how long before he was rescued. >> take a look at the radar right now watch sue is tracking for you how will this affect your morning commute?
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>> is mike so lucky? he's about to board a train to go tropical for ten days. >> sue we're stuck mere in cold and snow in some places. >> yep, here comes another storm. and you see it. you know where he is going is way down there for us, though, we are starting to see the snow spread into the area. real quick. we've got the southern part of delaware, it is starting to see a coating on the ground.
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this is where we expect the most accumulation. probably some flurries around dover right now. we go to the north and we see some snow, light snow, spreading into lancaster county and maybe even part of chester county. new castle county, delaware, around wilmington, newark, you might be starting to see the snow, as women, as the southern part of new jersey, with cumberland county salem county. so keep an eye on the sky, or you know, it is dark right now, but just plane on leaving little earl if i you're in any of the areas. winter weather advisory in effect for the top two counties of delaware, and all of south jersey, then the winter storm warning in effect for southern delaware. three-6 inches could be on the ground, by the time all is said and done. and, one to 3 inches just to the north of. that will we could even get coating to an inch in philadelphia. we're right on the edge there though, where we might see something, we might not. 30 degrees though, we can definitely feel that when we walk out the door. twenty in allentown, 24 in
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pottstown, 28 in wrightstown. thirty-one in millville. thirty-one in dover. soap, that's what we've got going on for right now. snow in the morning, for many of us, but not necessarily all of us. 29 degrees tomorrow, another frigid friday. and we're still below freezing on saturday. sunday, now looks like, most of the daytime hours will be dry. we may get some rain and/or snow at night into monday, and then it could be little messy on tuesday and wednesday. but, as we always say bob one storm at a time. >> yes, one storm at a time. we got it coming in here. come on, flakes for you. good morning to dover delaware, live look at route one, right near the dover airport, and then we take another camera, good morning to rehoboth beach. if we can take -- hack with me there, hole on. you know what, we'll bypass that. we go to the vine expressway. we are getting some snow down in dover rehoboth beach starting to lay on the road surface here, as the images
5:18 am
are temporarily unavailable. >> looks like -- >> this should have been an actual emergency, we would have been able to bring you the images. the bullying toll bristol badge, practice opening practice, test opening they call that, so light start light volume out there this morning, but stopped on both sides of the river. otherwise good shape up and down the i-95 corridor, no problems on the schuylkill expressway. again, starting to see the coating, work our way up from delaware, so the further south you travel today and the further east you travel, for the gang down in wildwood, route 47, and 347 already snow covered in that neck of the woods. but coming in from downingtown, the bypass, into king of prussia no problems or delays at all. again, the 42 freeway they've been working g here on the overnight, pick up the cones and they headed on home. septa was night owl bussing until 5:00. we got the trains rolling now. and as the weather changes throughout the morning the platforms and the stairwells
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are going to change, as well. watch for slippery spots and of course watch for the weather delays, at philadelphia international airport today. your best bet check with the airline, before you head down to the airport. chris, lauren, back to you. >> farther north they've been really hammered by this wet they are winter. in fact, take a look, more than 07 cars involved in series of chain reaction pileups on a snowy stretch of the interstate 95, in maine. >> this was yesterday. seventeen people were hurt. one police officer described the scene as a giant pile of metal. itit was the biggest crash in maine, in more than 15 years. and this winter's been really cruel for one part of the south. winter storm moved from texas to north carolina and virginia leaving as many as 8 inches every snow. parts of alabama received 10 inches of snow in alabama. mississippi, louisianna, also shoveling, several inches right now long time residents, they can't remember when they last saw such a thing. >> always unique whether we
5:20 am
get snow, deep south, you don't see this a lot. so it fascinates people. but for us of course we're concerned about safety. >> we have enough equipment to survive a back-to-back storm of this. and so we have -- so we're not going to have to restock or resupply. we're going to get out of here and go full at it to make sure we get the city up and moving and back to work as quickly as possible. >> forecasters predict a warm up across the south beginning today. they need it. >> it is to up members of the house whether funding for the department of homeland security runs out at midnight on friday. the senate voted yesterday to bring the funding bill to the floor. two conservative senators voted against it because the bill lacks measures to block the president executive actions on immigration. a shut-down would force 15% of the work force to stay home. >> and a public feud between us anise ray sell increasing after benjamin netanyahu accused world powers of rolling over to iran. the prime minister says inaction on iran is allowing the country to develop nuclear
5:21 am
power. secretary of state john kerry questioned the prime minister's judgement on the issue. the comments come ahead of netanyahu's visit to congress next week. that speech was orchestrated by republicans without the white house's consent. >> by virtue of the invitation that was issued, by the speaker, and the acceptance of it, by prime minister netanyahu, who two weeks in advance every his election, is that on both sides there has been inject add agree of partisanship. which is not only unfortunate i think it is destructive of the fabric of the relationship. >> many democrats and the president himself say they plan to just skip that speech. >> marijuana possession now legal in washington, d.c. the initiative, which was passed by dc voters in november allows possession of up to 2 ounces of pot and permits use tears grow as many as three plants. residents can only light up at home. but some congressional republicans are threatening dc city leaders saying they will
5:22 am
face legal repercussions for allowing the initiative to go forward. they argue the federal government already passed a measure that explicitly bans legalization in the district. so we'll see who wins out. probably the feds. new hampshire man survives being burried beneath the snow for several hours. >> trying to clear snow from his roof when he caused avalanch of snow to fall on him. force of the snow knocked him down, pinned his arms, i was stuck therefore three hours before he was discovered by family members. >> tried to dig him out as best i k you know, with my bear hands. >> ann just told myself, you know no, you're not going to go out this way. >> well, when his wife wasn't able to free him she had to call 911. it took nine firefighters get him out of there. lots of snow. 5:22, good news for employees of tj max. they are following in the footsteps of wal-mart giving work areas big raise. when they will see those
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dog owner has filed a lawsuit against pet food company alleging thousands of dogs have been sicken or died from eating a brands of dry dog food. pet owner frank locito filed a lawsuit against purina saying he fed his through dogs benitful kyle style dog food in short time, two sick, one
5:26 am
dead. maintains its food is perfectly safe. >> following in the footsteps of wal-mart, giving its work areas raise. retailers says it will increase pay for employees to at least $9 a hours starting in june. last week wal-mart said increased in april. ikea, gap, raised pay recently. good news for the working class and retail. >> absolutely. jd power releases annual survey of the most dependable vehicles lexus one folds by buick, toy oath, a honda cadillac. a lot of people say porche. >> but you say porche? >> well, porche owners will tell you it is porche. and the dealership will say it is porche. on the flip side, i'll stop there. on the flip side fiat, lan rover, jeep, mini, dodge performed the worse and landover not cheap. >> i like those too. >> beautiful. >> not a good car? >> didn't perform well. 34,000 people owned 2012 model year vehicles, question about
5:27 am
overall problems in the last year for the a for sean mentioned vehicles, hat ones. multiple shootings in philadelphia leave at least four people dead. the latest from police straight ahead from steve kyle nay live report. >> other big story live look at the radar tracking snow this morning what to expect, where you live, coming up
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at violent night in philadelphia. four people dead following three separate shootings, what police are learning this
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morning. >> plus, let's take live look outside. some of lust see snow today. how much you can expect. >> and here is a look at big discovery by police in montgomery county. drugs, guns, cash, a lot of people in trouble. we have the details coming up. good day, it is thursday, february 26, 2015. shaping up to be yet another weather day. >> yes, it is cold outside and it is going to snow. hi sue. >> yes, and here comes our southern storm getting pounded, in norfolk virginia, for us, the baltimore-washington area, all starting to see the snow, and it is just starting to get cranked up, especially, in southern delaware. now, we've had reports after mix, too with some sleet and freezing rain, and that could be happening where you live. seeing that show up on radar. newark delaware, probably getting little light snow right now. >> this whole system is moving into some very dry air. so, what we're seeing on radar is not necessarily making it to the ground just yet. but, it will and here in philadelphia, we're still on
5:31 am
the edge of whether we will see much or not. but we go with a four out of ten for the folks that are going to have trouble traveling around in this morning storm. it will affect the morning rush, for bus stop buddy. nothing happening. but snow is on the way again for some of us. so, bob kelly is about to show you where it is snowing on some of his traffic cameras but we will see it during the morning rush. even in philadelphia, we are expecting the snowflakes, could even get coating in the city. heaviest snow though will be south and east of i-95. tapering off by middle of the day. several inches possible in south jersey and delaware, and if you are in the southern most county of delaware, sussex county, you could get maybe 5 inches out of this storm. so we'll see how it all plays out, be with you the entire time, and here's bob kelly. so boy this thing is coating up the roads real quick in delaware. >> we will be here all six hours. >> yes. >> all six hours we will be here. >> yes. >> lauren, you too? you with us all six hours? >> only working two hours
5:32 am
here. all be done. >> good morning 5:31 live look route one delaware, and again, as sue mentioned there is storm will impact us during the morning rush hour. that is the biggest problem not so much how much we're going to get but the timing of this storm again already we have snow covered roadways down here along route one in dover. this is route one just offer of route nine, and then here is a live look, also, along route in dover. seep the snow. and where the problems will come into play, not so much the majors, secondary roads side streets. this light covering right now is sitting on top of any left over ice from the last storm. so that's going to make things little tricky. it will casino of make it a whole new gahm plan here because you're not going to know what's underneath that light coating. but if we go down the shore here we go, this is wildwood, route 47, and 347 take a look at the overhead street lamp here to gave you a idea as we
5:33 am
are starting to see the snow pick up down here in wildwood and starting to quickly cover the intersection, so tricky driving, slippery driving, and they already put speed restrictions in play here up and down the garden state parkway. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much for that update. >> let's keep talking about the snow that's coming or heist arrived. >> jennifer joyce roaming the state of new jersey for us. hi jennifer. >> reporter: hi, guys, we enough vineland where as you can see flurries are beginning to fall. we are taking a look at the radar. we can see the storm system that is moved into the area. sue serio says we could see couple every inches, in this part of south jersey, more snow are we ready for this? weather has been bad recently between the snow and the extremely cold temperatures. it has been a bad stretch. vineland, in particular, we are focused on, because in another recent storm people complains side streets over looked, not plowed, not salted. the public works department defends philadelphia self saying it does lay salt, its
5:34 am
first priority of course those main roads then they make their way to the back roads saying they can't be everywhere. so, more headaches could be on the way with today's expected snowfall. >> they're all bad. it happens every time that snow comes down, they are never prepared. they never put salt down. they never do anything. >> we can't be on every street. we just don't have the manpower. and no one wants to give us extra people. we've been to sit council with a complaint about it, but economics, we have to do the best we can. >> similar complaints in south philadelphia as well, always issue, those back streets. so will it be this bad today? it is hard to say. we'll have to wait and see how the system develops, beginning around 4:00 positive, on our trip to vineland from glassboro it, see nj dot trucks out there. we know crews are out there ahead of the storm. we'll keep you guys posted. back to you chris lauren. >> thanks so much. 5:34 is the time. let's turn to this now.
5:35 am
philadelphia police are investigating a series of shoot that is happened in a short time frame overnight. a woman in the fair hills section shot and killed while sitting in her car, 200 block every west westmoreland street. police say there were 11 shell casings found at the scene. the woman was only hit once. they say she struck three park cars while trying to drive away. southwest philadelphia, police say man walked into a police station with a gunshot wound to his head. he claims someone tried to carjack him but police are still investigating his story. no word on the victim's current condition. and two people are dead after a shooting in the city's grays ferry section there is happened along the 2700 block of laton "a" street. still awaiting word on any arrests in any of these cases. >> police in jenkintown looking for a pair of thieves with high ends taste. these two walk into the pearl vision on york road, walk out with $1,300 worth of versace designer frames. they were in and out within seconds, leading police to believe they've done this before.
5:36 am
a second surveillance video shows them on the route 55 bus showing offer the stolen frames, anyone with information is urged to call police. so you rob a store, then hop on the bulls. doesn't even have a get-away car. coming up: the sixers face their roam teammate michael carter williams, last night first time since he was traded and he got some revenge highlights next in sports. >> and the mummers celebrating mardi gras a week late. when and where you can see them today.
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5:39 am
>> jimmy rollins gone, codey ash i is young and has to make that next leap. ashy now working with philly legend, larry bowa, to take his game to the next level. codey's relationship with the great can be big for his career. >> i think we have a good relationship. took little bit for us to see eye to eye last year, and once we it, i think my play got better. >> really improved a lot. he's got soft hands, good arm i like him. >> do you see him hit homeruns too. not 30 but 15, 20. >> michael carter williams facing old teammates for the first time since the trade. the bucks dominated ncw8 points, 75 cyst, two steels, just 18 minutes. the 6ers lose 104 to 88.
5:40 am
that's your sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. by the way the mummers are going to take over manayunk this coming saturday. >> seventeen string bands from the annual new years day parade will march down main street in the first philadelphia mummers mardi gras parade. supposed to happen last weekends, but the snow ya, that postponed t the fun start at noon. parade goers can also buy 10-dollar wrist bands for entry into after parties. you can get some food, and drink discounts. sounds like fun. >> hey. >> coming up. the madonna has a major wardrobe malfunction at the brit awards. we'll show you what happened next. we have the video in.
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>> benjamin oliver davis junior, was us air force general and commander of the world war two toss keying pierre men, first african-american jungle officers in the u.s. air force on december 9th, 1998. he was advanced to four star general, by then president bill clinton during world war ii davis was commander of the 99 and 332 fighter group which escorted bombers on air combat missions over europe. davis himself was 60 fighter missions. davis followed in his father's footsteps by the way in breaking racial barriers as benjamin davis senior, was
5:44 am
the first african-american general in the u.s. army. he died in 2,000 at the age of 88 on the fourth of july. >> all right you're good at these, guess what, they come to an end tomorrow. >> awe. >> i know, but we'll keep something else going aren't we? >> it will be, yes march is national women's month. >> women's history. so women who shaped the history of our country. speaking of phenominal women we have to show you a picture of this, jennifer joyce all about battling the cold and she makes it look so easy. i just saw this on twitter and i thought how cute is that, sue serio. high five. >> those are her gloves sticking out? >> yep. her message up there says boom, not excited for more snow, but more that too long hands out high fives. >> those are the fingers less gloves so you can still text. >> you know who started the high five? >> back in the 70s, from the last ankle less bakers. little history for you. >> we'll see the way it is spelled, downing it two ways, you can say hi five. or high five.
5:45 am
>> anyway. thanks to joe, for sending this picture from wildwood. this matches up with what bob kelly's camera have been showing us, coating on the ground already, in wildwood, new jersey, let's take a look at the radar the snow is moving in. as predicted from south to north, and we're starting to see few pockets of heavier snow in southern delaware, we have that coating in cape may county, but also, the possibility of some sleet and ice mixing in which makes things potentially very slippery there but everywhere really. now starting to seymour on the radar in kent county, delaware, new castle county, and lancaster county, even part of chester county, you might be seeing some flurries, maybe not because this is pretty dry around here. so might take a while for the atmosphere to get a little weather. so we've got salem county, cumberland county, also seeing maybe some very light snow, southern part of the garden state parkway, as well. so we keep an eye on this all morning long with you just leave early if you're in any
5:46 am
places that have this winter weather advisory, northern delaware, southern new jersey, sussex county, where it could pile up, whole lot more, we could get three 6 inches every snow, in that part of our viewing area, one to 3 inches possible, in the advisory area. and maybe a coating to an inch here in the city. we'll see what happens there. but temperatures range from 30 here in the city, to 12 in mount pocono. we're in the 20's, just about everywhere else. thirty-one in wilmington and millville, and we are slightly above freezing in wildwood, which is why we're probably seeing a little bit after mix in that area. as we look at the seven day forecast, after this mess is out of here, temperature will probably average around 30 degrees, throughout the rest of the day. and then we have 29 on another frigid friday with a high only in the 20's, still cold on saturday but it looks like through the early part of next week, we don't see any more days with highs in the 20's. it will still be cold. still messy, in some cases
5:47 am
but, it looks like the rain-snow mix won't arrive until sunday night now. so we will keep an eye on that situation after we're fin wished this storm. so, bob kelly we are just talking about wildwood. i think you have another look at wildwood. >> let's do it, yo wildwood. hello, 47, 347 all comes together, turn on the snow machine. here we go. just in the last five minutes you can see this stretch here of this major intersection, down the shore start to get snow covered. and again the road conditions, the driving conditions visibility, going to change as we roll through the morning rush hour. that is what makes the timing so tough for this morning. is that folks are just now getting up the kids are getting out and again we will have to drive through it. so again, you know, five, ten minutes can make difference in the road surface. going up to this is actually ocean city, new jersey, where again right before sue went on, this is just a wet road surface, but as you can see now, five, ten minutes makes a difference. and right here, where we will
5:48 am
get into trouble, is that any that far left over ice from the last storm this light dusting now falling on top of it, so it will make things little slippery. already, the garden state parkway kicked in speed restrictions, up and down from pretty much wildwood, all the way to up pass atlantic city, accident in the neighborhood, ridge pike at eagle view road. otherwise, no flakes in the cameras here, within philadelphia. at least at the moment. the schuylkill looking good, no problems on the boulevard i-95, as you work your way into the city, good to go. further south go on i-95, again, the more likely you're going to see the road conditions change at least in this next hour. market frankford, broad street subway looking good at the moment. septa says no problems on the regional rails. but you know the drill, when we start to get some precipitation, we could have some slippery spots on the platforms and the stairs out in chester county, again nothing going on out here. it is casino of one of those reverse upside down kind of storms. typically the north and western suburbs sees the
5:49 am
snow, this morning we're giving south jersey and delaware a chance to get some white stuff. but no problems at all as you work your way out of west chester, into king of prussia. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, a man has been charged with killing a former contestant on the reality show america's next top model. police this charlotte, north carolina say 19 year old emanuel jesus, has been charged with killing 19 year old puhar and two other people. the victims were found in a home on tuesday. police did not reveal how they were killed, hernandez now being held behind bars. okay, onto lighter news. madonna leaving crowds in shock after filling during her brit awards. >> usually award robe malfunction involves the clothes coming off. >> this time they wouldn't. it was still wardrobe malfunction as you look at this. now, here it is. yanked to the grounds, the singer's first time performing at the awards in 20 years. so while standing on those stairs, which were part of the set up, madonna fell backward
5:50 am
off the stairs, the fall seems to have been caused by a cape that she was wearing of course madonna telling fans it was tide too tightly but she's okay. but she went down pretty hard. >> of course she is fine, though. >> right? >> boom. >> looks like it hurt. >> she is a fitness fanatic. and she bounced right up. and the dancers, what do we do? do we help her? come to her aid? >> i always wonder why they have all of these stairs at these performances. too much. >> and it is dark and everything else, lights on the stage. >> lady gaga joining the cast of american horror story. the pop star will join the hit series, which returns in october, gaga posted video to her twitter page to announce the big news, she said the name of the show, the show's new season, american horror story hotel but before the show begins filming gaga is going on tour with tony bennett, that tour kicks off in april. >> interesting pairing there. >> yes. >> okay, there are reports that bobbi kristina brown was
5:51 am
taken out after medically induced coma. >> but the same reports say she did not respond the way family members had hoped. the 21 year old daughter of the late whitney houston of course has been in a coma since the ends of january several reports say doctors brought her out of her coma, but she started having violent seizures. her father bobby brown has also postponed tour dates in australia, as he sits by her bedside. >> that's a sad story. you remember this. we went to germantown, we re-did our owner have sean every bruno mars hit uptown funk. >> was think? >> were you there. >> yes. so group every seniors made their own parody. here it is. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> this is good! >> well, see we did
5:52 am
lip-syncing. >> yes, they actually sang. >> these guys are the real deal. they -- oh, oh, look at that. busted a split. >> i'm half her age and i can't do that. >> ya. >> that's fantastic. >> anyway, that laid how did the split, by the way she's 92! >> what? she used to hang out with betty. >> i need to hang out with her. good for them. that's a lot of fun. >> wow. >> i'm sure we'll have that on our website coming up: would you sign up for one way trip to mars? a local woman has. and it looks like she could actually be going. we'll tell you all about this coming up.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> astronaut terry ended up with water in his helmet, small amount, coming from the cooling system, similar to near drowning outside the space station that happened two years ago the summer of 2013. another astronaut's helmet flooded. he barely made it back to safety. in time. >> speaking every space, a woman from the philadelphia area, finalist competing for 24 spots on a one way trip to
5:56 am
mars. sarah from the suburbs of philly, one every nearly 200,000 people who applied couple of years ago to go a part of mars one trip to mars. sarah says she's had a life-long love of science and science fiction, so, she went for it. being on the forefront of exploration, pushing the limit of human experience. >> what's possible, is something that i have ' always wanted. >> competing for one of 24 spots from people around the world. mars won aims to launch the first group of four into orbit, in 2024. >> all right coming up: it is 5:56. it was pretty violent night in philadelphia. multiple shootings, some deadly. we'll have a live report. plus our other big story is snow. look at the radar tracking snow for part of our area today. sue serio will have your latest forecast. bob will keep you updat
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
another day of snow that could hit us during the rush hour. >> extremely violent night in philadelphia. no understatement. in fact, four people were shot in three separate shootings what police are learning this morning. >> and three men accused every plotting against the united
6:00 am
states, they allegedly wanted to go to syria to fight for isis. the ties they have to our area. well, good morning everyone. it is coming on 6:00 on the dot this thursday, february february 26th. >> letting you know. also letting you know about snow. just as we predicted, moving in during the morning rush hour. once again couldn't be more inch convenient to have the snow coming at this time of day. so we're starting to see snow throughout the entire state of delaware through most of southern new jersey, cape may county as well as atlantic county and cumberland, salem i have them all. now, chester county, looking little closer here, down in sussex looks like it is probably starting to accumulate. specially around ocean pines ocean city maryland, dewey beach, rehoboth beach. we have newark, delaware, probably getting little bit of snow. and we see it


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